CMMS software not only saves you time and money, but it goes where you go

A lot of our customers ask us what benefit will they get with CMMS software. The best advantage is saving time and money – something every business needs to do right now.  EZ Maintenance software ensures that your routine maintenance is scheduled and done on time because maintenance that is scheduled too soon just wastes money but waiting too long runs the risk of costly emergency breakdowns.  It also manages your parts inventory so you stock just the right parts levels – not too many and not too few.

But many of our customers need more than just tracking maintenance and parts – they need to manage multiple users at multiple locations and allow access to customers and vendors. Over 70% of our customers choose EZM Web because it gives them everything they need, and they can access it from anywhere there is an Internet connection.

EZM Web serves the maintenance management needs of a large variety of industries and businesses.  It can manage vehicle maintenance, fleet maintenance, facility maintenance and any business with equipment that needs to be maintained.  Industries include manufacturing to construction to airports to hospitals to farms and so much more.  If you have equipment or vehicles to maintain, look at EZM Web as the CMMS to keep your business up and running – it’s a great solution that pays for itself.

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