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EZ Maintenance™ is also available as a Windows® program for the user seeking a flat priced maintenance software solution.
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Setting Up EZ Maintenance

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Maintenance Due

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Viewing and Entering Vehicles - fleet maintenance software
Viewing List of Entered Vehicles
All of the vehicles for which you are using EZ Maintenance Web to track and schedule maintenance can be conveniently viewed at one central list:
You can display the vehicles here in order of vehicle name, vehicle number, or license plate number just by clicking on the column headers at the top of this table.
Entering New Vehicles
Entering new vehicles into EZM Web and scheduling maintenance for them is easy. We start by clicking on the "New Vehicle" tab at the top of the table.
Vehicle Number: In EZ Maintenance Web, each vehicle you enter into the application has a unique identification number of your choice that enables you to locate it easily in the future by either browing through lists or using the application's search features.

Starting Date: EZM Web lets you choose the date from which the first maintenance is scheduled in case you do not want it to be scheduled from today's date. For example, if the start of your regular maintenance cycle was a week ago and not today, you can set the start date to one week before today's date.

Starting Usage: If your vehicle already has miles on it at the time you enter it into EZM Web, you can specify that amount here and the application will track usage from that point.

Next Due Date: In EZ Maintenance Web you can specify whether you want maintenance for a vehicle to be automatically rescheduled if it falls on a Saturday or Sunday or only if it falls on a Sunday. If you choose to exclude these days, maintenance will be scheduled for the last day before the day on which maintenance was supposed to fall.
Scheduling Maintenance (Service Profile):
Scheduling maintenance for a number of similar vehicles is easy in EZ Maintenance Web. Once a service profile is created in the Vehicle Service Setup section of the application, all you have to do here is select the service profile from the drop-down list here and EZM Web will schedule all of the maintenance that the vehicle needs.

Custom Captions: If you have information for each vehicle specific to your operation that you'd like to record in each vehicle in EZM Web, you can create custom fields with a label of your choice.

Reproduce Button:
Entering many similar vehicles quickly in EZM Web is greatly facilitated by the reproduce button, which lets you enter another vehicle exactly like one of your choosing by replicating every piece of information except for its unique vehicle number and VIN number. It's only necessary to specify these two pieces of information and the new vehicle can be entered into the application for maintenance scheduling and tracking.

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Setting Up EZ Maintenance

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Maintenance Due

1. Once I've set up a maintenance profile for a vehicle or a machine, do I need to reset everything for another vehicle or machine?
  No. EZ Maintenance Web lets you create general descriptions of maintenance for vehicles which all have the same maintenance requirements. When entering many such vehicles, all you have to do is select the service profile you created and the maintenance for that vehicle will be automatically scheduled. It isn't necessary to re-enter all of the individual details for the servicing of those vehicles over and over again.