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EZ Maintenance for Windows
EZ Maintenance™ is also available as a Windows's program for the user seeking a flat priced maintenance software solution.
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EZ Maintenance for Windows
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Requests For Bid

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Receiving Against P.O.'s

Click Here to see a demonstration video on Creating Purchase Orders.

Purchase Orders

EZM Web also has a feature that lets you create purchase orders which you can send to your materials and parts vendors. Here is a portion of the page at which you view the list of all of your purchase orders showing the list of purchase orders and the materials and parts in a selected purchase order:

For each purchase order, you can see its unique PO number, the vendor it's being sent to, the date on which it was created and the date on which it was last updated.

Here is where you create the purchase order:

Here you enter the details about the purchase order including to whom it is being sent, the primary contact person for the sender, and the parts and materials being purchased. After you create the PO you can print it out and send it to the vendor. Here is an example of a purchase order:

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Request For Bid

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Receiving Against P.O.'s