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EZ Maintenance for Windows
EZ Maintenance™ is also available as a Windows's program for the user seeking a flat priced maintenance software solution.
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EZ Maintenance for Windows
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  • Schedule All Maintenance
  • Equipment & Vehicles
  • Full Inventory Control
  • P.O.s, RFBs, Invoices
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  • Emergency Work Orders
  • Email Alerts
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Click Here to see a demonstration video on Changing Preference Settings.

Preference Settings in EZM Web

EZM Web includes a Preferences section that allows you to choose, among other things, your preferred currency, the format in which dates are displayed, and the amount of digits after the decimal point to be displayed for certain types of data items. These features allow the user to set the operation of the program to suit their needs:

You can adjust the following preference settings in EZM Web:

Address & Phone Format: There are two options for this setting: USA and International. If your company is based in the United States, simply leave USA selected. Selecting International allows users to enter much longer phone numbers and addresses with letters in the zip code.

Date Format. This setting affects the display of dates throughout the application. Depending on the option you select, dates will be displayed with the year followed by the month then the date, with the month followed by the day then the year, or with the day followed by the month then the year.

Records/Grids: This setting lets you specify how many items per page will show on the various lists throughout the EZM Web application, such as lists of equipment, inventory items, scheduled maintenance, etc. For example, if you set Records/Grids to 15, a maximum of 15 items will be displayed per page. If you would like to view the next 15 items, you will have to select the next page, and for the next 15 items, the page after that, and so on.

Inventory Tracking. This option lets you specify what level of inventory tracking you want to use. Selecting None will not track any inventory use. Selecting Price List Only will track and record inventory prices, but not inventory use. Selecting Full will track and record all inventory prices and transactions, including when an item from your inventory is used in a work order.

Decimal Places for Inventory Cost & Price. This allows you to specify how many decimal places the program will keep track of in the price for inventory items.

Decimal places for quantity: This allows you to specify how many decimal places the program will keep track of in the quantity for inventory items. For example, if you want EZM Web to track inventory quantities to the nearest tenth, you would specify a "1" for this option. The program would then display and store quantities for inventory items such as 1.2 quarts of oil, or 15.0 bearings.

Decimal Places for Equipment Usage. This setting allows you to specify to how many decimal places the program will keep track of equipment usage hours. For example, if you want EZM Web to keep track of equipment usage hours to the nearest thousandth, you would put a "3" in this box.

Decimal Places for Vehicle Usage: This setting works similarly to the Decimal Places for Equipment Usage, but it applies to vehicle usage instead of equipment usage.

Currency and Conversion Rate settings: The Currency setting allows you to change the currency that the monetary amounts in the program are displayed in. The Conversion Rate box lets you actually convert all of the monetary amounts you currently have stored in the program (for example, the prices of your inventory items) to the new currency.

Send Alert to Assigned: This option lets you choose whether you want an email to be automatically sent to an outside contractor or an employee of yours when you assign a work order to them.

Invoicing by My Users: This option lets you set whether you can create invoices to send to customers through EZM Web who you perform maintenance work for.

Invoicing by Service Providers: This option lets you set whether service providers / vendors who you contract maintenance work to can send you invoices through EZM Web.

Work Order May Be Assigned To: This option lets you choose whether work orders can be assigned to both your employees of your company and service providers, or only service providers or your employees.