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EZ Maintenance for Windows
EZ Maintenance™ is also available as a Windows's program for the user seeking a flat priced maintenance software solution.
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EZ Maintenance for Windows
EZ Maintenance WEB
  • Schedule All Maintenance
  • Equipment & Vehicles
  • Full Inventory Control
  • P.O.s, RFBs, Invoices
  • Work Orders, Bar Coding
  • Emergency Work Orders
  • Email Alerts
  • QuickBooks Link
  • Send Work To Vendors
  • Customer/Vendor Tracking
  • Track Customers
  • Maintenance Histories
  • Access Passwords
  • Supervisory Control
  • And Much More!
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User Types

Overview of User Types in EZM Web

In addition to providing you with tools that allow you to schedule, track and control the maintenance of equipment and vehicles, EZM Web maintenance software also includes these innovative features:

  • Other members of your company or agents in the field can schedule, track and control the maintenance of equipment and vehicles over the internet!
  • Your customers / tenants can submit maintenance requests to you over the internet via EZM Web!
  • You can send work orders to vendors (called Service Providers in the EZM Web application) who perform maintenance tasks for you!
  • You can link the application to Quickbooks and send invoices to customers / tenants as well as receive invoices from vendors, all through EZM Web!

To accomplish the above, each EZM Web account can have three different kinds of users:

  • My Users
  • Customers / Tenants
  • Service Providers

Briefly, My Users are users of your EZM Web account such as your employees and agents in the field. Customer / Tenant users are your customers or tenants who make requests for repairs. Service Provider users are outside vendors who you contract maintenance work out to.

Each user in EZM Web, whether they are a My User, a Customer / Tenant, or a Service Provider, gets their own username and password.

Additionally, all three of these different users have a different interface when they log into EZM Web that is exclusive to them: for example, a Service Provider cannot log in as a Customer / Tenant, and vice versa. We show these three different interfaces below:

My Users

My Users are given to any person at your company or agent in the field that needs to be able to log in to EZM Web and schedule, track and control the maintenance of equipment and vehicles. The main account you are given when you purchase an EZ Maintenance Web subscription is a My User account. The following is an example of what you would see when you log into EZ Maintenance as a My User (this screen shows the list of equipment that is being tracked for maintenance):


Customer users enable your customers to submit requests for work to your company over the internet through EZM Web. The account subscriber (that's you) has control over issuing Customer accounts to customers. These types of user accounts are typically given to tenants or owners of vehicles that you do maintenance work for on a regular basis. Also, customers log into a section of EZ Maintenance that is separate from the normal application that you use and as such do not have access to the parts of the system involving your company, employees, procedures or other internal information. This screen illustrates a customer submitting a work request to an account subscriber:

Service Providers / Vendors

Service Provider users are able to view work orders which you have sent to them. They will also be able to send an invoice to you for work that they have completed. As with Customer accounts, vendors/service providers log into a section of EZM Web that is separate from your main account, and they will not have access to any information about your account except the work orders which you have assigned to them. This screen illustrates a Service Provider viewing an invoice which they have submitted to a subscriber for work which they have completed:

Adding New My Users, Customers, and Service Providers

As the main account subscriber, you have the ability to create new My User accounts to give to your employees to log into EZM Web, new Customer users to give to your customers so that they may submit work requests over the internet and receive invoices for work, and new Service Provider users so that you can assign work to those vendors and receive invoices for the work they have completed.

When you log into the program as a subscriber, you can create My Users, Customer / Tenant users, and Service Provider users.

You can view the list of My Users, Customers, and Service Providers. For example, here you can see a list of Customer accounts that you have issued:

For example, here is the form at which you add a new customer account or edit an existing one:

New My Users or Service Providers are added in a similar fashion.