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Entering and Viewing Vehicles

Click Here to see a demonstration video on Setting Up EZM Web, which includes a demonstration on how to set up service profiles.

Maintenance Schedules for Vehicles

Setting up preventive maintenance schedules for a vehicle or for entire fleet maintenance in EZM Web CMMS software is easy!

If you want to set up a complete maintenance schedule for a vehicle, you just have to select the appropriate service profile when entering that vehicle into EZM Web software:

In EZM Web maintenance software, a service profile is a complete description of the maintenance requirements for some kind of vehicle. Service profiles are created by the user. In the above screenshot, you can see service profiles for an ambulance, a light truck, a long haul truck, a passenger car, and a van. For example, if you are entering a passenger car into EZM Web and want to set up a maintenance schedule, you would simply select the "Passenger Car Maintenance" service profile which you created.

A service profile for a particular kind of vehicle only needs to be created by the user one time. After you have created it, it can be applied to all of the vehicles that have the same maintenance requirements, which is useful for setting up fleet maintenance. For example, if you are entering a fleet of 20 ambulances into EZM Web to track maintenance for them, you only need to create the "Ambulance Service" service profile one time and then choose that maintenance profile for all 20 ambulances. In other words, you do not have to enter all of the details for a complete maintenance schedule for the ambulances 20 times.

A service profile consists of the following:
  • One or more periodic service types. These are scheduled to take place every so many months (chosen by you) or after so many miles on the vehicle (or however you measure vehicle usage). Service types are things like "50000 Mile Service", "Oil Change Service", etc.
  • Each of the service types consists of multiple services that are performed. For example, in an "Oil Change Service" service type, you may have services like "Oil Change", "Wiper Fluid Check", "Transmission Fluid Check", "Air Filter Check", etc., all of which are performed at the same time.
  • Each of the service consists of the materials needed to complete the maintenance, any components/parts of the vehicle that must be inspected and possibly replaced, and the sequence of steps needed to complete the maintenance.
Here's a graphic that illustrates the structure of a service profile in the software:

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1. Can we set up both recurring, routine maintenance or service as well as such intermittent work as complete overhauls?
  Yes. EZ Maintenance Web allows you to set up routine service for vehicles as well as unscheduled work when a vehicle breaks down and needs immediate repair.
2. What is the difference between services and service types?
  Service Types can be understood as groups of individual services that are to all be performed together on a regular interval. For example, an "Oil Change" service type done every 3 months may consist of not just the actual oil change itself, but it might also include an air filter replacement and a transmission fluid check. The Services are the individual things that are done in the Service Types, such as the actual changing of the oil or the air filter replacement.
3. What is the purpose of a Vehicle Service Profile?
  Vehicle Service Profiles let you specify the maintenance schedule and how that maintenance is performed for a group of vehicles all with the same maintenance requirements. This is very useful when, for example, you are entering many trucks into the software, all of which require the same maintenance schedule. The existance of the Service Profiles make it easy to specify the maintenance for all of those trucks; instead of entering all of the details for the maintenance of each truck over and over again, you simply select the Service Profile when creating each truck.
4. How does EZ Maintenance Web know when to schedule maintenance based upon a vehicle's mileage?
  EZM Web requires that an operator keep regular logs of the usage of the vehicle so that the application knows when the vehicle is due for service based on how much it has been driven. So, in addition to time intervals, usage intervals can also be entered for maintenance events.