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Entering and Viewing Equipment
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Creating Work Orders
Click Here to see a demonstration video on Work Orders for Equipment Maintenance, which includes a demonstration on how to view maintenance due.

Viewing Equipment Maintenance Due / Calendar / Search

EZM Web maintenance software gives you many options to view which preventive maintenance events are scheduled for your equipment and when they are due-or if they're overdue.

There are three main ways you can view what maintenance is due:

  • By Equipment: this option lets you see all of the scheduled maintenance events for a selected piece of equipment.
  • By Date: this lets you see all of the scheduled maintenance events for all of your equipment at once, and they are sorted by the date on which they are due.
  • By Usage: this lets you see all of the scheduled maintenance events for all of your equipment at once, and they are sorted by the usage meter reading at which they are due.

Here is the page where you view maintenance by equipment:

At the top, you can see the list of equipment, one of which (the forklift) is selected. And below that, you can see the list of scheduled preventive maintenance events for that piece of equipment. The top two scheduled maintenance events have work order numbers under the W.O. No. column because they have had work orders created for them. You can also see who each work order has been assigned to. For each scheduled maintenance event shown here, the type of the maintenance is shown, the frequency at which it is performed is shown (both in days and usage), the due date for the maintenance is shown, and the amount of usage remaining until the maintenance is due is shown.

To create a work order for one of these scheduled maintenance events (if one hasn't been created yet), you just select a maintenance event and then click on the CREATE/EDIT WORK ORDER button.

Here is the page where you view maintenance by date:

These scheduled preventive maintenance events shown on this page are sorted by their due date, which is shown in the left most column. As with viewing maintenance by equipment, work orders are shown for those maintenance events for which a work order has been created, as well as who the work order is assigned to, the type of equipment the maintenance is for, what kind of maintenance is being performed, the internal control number identifying the equipment and its manufacturer serial number, and the number of days remaining until the maintenance is due.

Lastly, here is the page where you view maintenance by usage:

In the left-most column, the usage hours left until the maintenance due is shown.

Maintenance Due Calendar

EZM Web also has a maintenance calendar that lets you view all of the equipment maintenance that's due on a given day. To use this feature, just click on a day on the calendar and all of the scheduled preventive maintenance events for equipment due on that day will be shown:

Maintenance Due Search

There is also a search feature that allows you to search for scheduled preventive maintenance events in EZM Web by a variety of criteria: by due date, by usage, maintenance type, assigned to, customer, work order number, equipment name, internal control number, and manufacturer serial number:

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Entering and Viewing Equipment
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Creating Work Orders
1. How do we track what work was actually done and when?
  All completed work orders in EZ Maintenance Web go into the maintenance history. In the maintenance history, you can look up work orders and see, among other things, what materials were used, what parts were serviced or replaced, what operations were performed, and who performed and who approved the work.
2. What happens if we miss a scheduled maintenance or service?
  EZ Maintenance Web will alert you that the maintenance is past due until it is completed, and it will allow you to note on the work order the reason why the maintenance was late.
3. Can we enter both detailed instructions on how the scheduled maintenance or service is to be performed and the parts and materials required?
  Yes, and a work order can be printed listing all the procedures taken, the materials used, and the parts that were serviced or replaced.
4. Can we bar code various equipment so operators can simply swipe the bar code when they're working on a specific item to bring up that item in EZ Maintenance Web?
  Yes. EZ Maintenance Web will not only let you scan equipment with barcodes into the software, but also has a feature that allows you to print barcodes for easy scanning into the application in the future.